The Year of the Rebrand

New year, new me? Ugh, such a cliché but really though! 

I knew going into 2016 my website and personal branding needed some, well... help. The work section of my site was starting to be a bit outdated and I was looking for any excuse to exercise my coding skills (not gonna lie, html/css is one of the most relaxing past times).

So I made a list of everything I wanted to change about the site, started wire-framing and promised myself it would be done before the end of the January.

Well, here we are in February and I'm still not done. Aside from finishing the coding here, there's still a ton that I'd like to do before officially calling this project "complete." 

PS - I was all about having an excuse to ask Carl to take new head shots and lifestyle photos though. I think he totally killed it, as per usual.